Saturday, March 10, 2018

Maya Angelou - On Aging

Maya Angelou !! 

At 86 her eyes sparkled with confidence, joy, laughter and love. She defied the myth that beauty is defined by botox, liposuction, and plastic surgery etc, which have become the norm of the day. When people were finding ways and means to cover up their age and were trying to look young, she when asked about how it feels to be in her 80’s, replied with a heartwarming smile : “Do it, if you can. If you have a choice, choose the eighties. ..” 

Here was a woman who celebrated being herself at all ages of her life. She belonged to herself, and was proud about that. Here was a woman - a social activist: busy reading, writing, composing music, cooking and working on various other things that she is passionate about, even when she was well into her 80’s. Age was of no concern to her.  It did not stop her from being what she wanted to be and do what she wanted to do. 

Sharing a wonderful poem on Aging by Maya Angelou, written by her when she was 83 years old.